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Our vision

Independent and Objective

We are a privately-owned tax law firm. Our sole source of revenue comes from fees for the advice and services you receive. We do not sell products, nor are we affiliated with any bank or investment advisor.

We have a large network of trusted individuals and companies that we work with in central and eastern europe and globally. The international networks we are a member of are non-exclusive and we do not accept nor pay referral fees or retrocession payments from or to the firms we work with. This means that we can choose and work only with the best.

Tax Expertise

The depth of our international tax and legal knowledge is one of the key advantages for you, as our client. We have a truly regional approach and we have direct and substantial hands-on experience in almost all of the CEE countries. In addition, we have an extensive international network of professional contacts and best local advisers. The close integration of tax preparation with other services provides the basis for a detailed understanding of the tax consequences associated with multiple scenarios. From there, the efficient financial structure or transaction option from a tax, legal and business perspective can be selected.

Comprehensive, Integrated Advice

Our approach emphasizes the inter-relationships among all aspects of your business affairs, including strategy, financial planning, recording and reporting, legal and tax compliance, planning and preparation and personal financial management. This approach enables us to have a complete understanding of your business and allows us to tailor optimal solutions.

We are opinionated and provide true advice and give actual recommendations based on our knowledge of the laws and your business goals. We avoid saying "what you want is impossible".

Ethical business practice

We consider integrity crucial to building client relationships, and to our reputation. We embrace the concept of a unified, ethically sound approach to doing business towards our clients, employees, suppliers and the community at large. For our clients this also means that our work and the advice and structures and scenarios we recommend are always within the laws, rules and regulations applicable to our clients.

We perform all work and advice for our clients conscientiously and diligently in a timely and cost-effective manner and we ensure our continuing competency through appropriate professional development. We act with honesty and integrity, including ethically handling actual or apparent conflicts of interest between our clients or with our own financial or commercial interests.

Privacy, Security and Confidentiality

At the core of our culture is our commitment to information security. The utmost emphasis is placed on the privacy, confidentiality and security of any personal and business information.

Project focussed

We are practical and strive to achieve successful conclusion of all projects we advise upon. You have 24/7 direct access without 'gatekeepers', without secretaries or receptionists or fixed lines. We observe deadlines and are responsive to client's needs.

Finally, we believe in true value billing, taking part in the successes and risks of the business of our clients by avoiding hourly-rate billing but where possible working on success fees or fixed fees. We apply a transparent and predictable fee structure.