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What we do

We are an experienced tax law firm dedicated to providing advice to a wide-ranging client base. We are committed to exceeding your expectations. This requires that we engage and carefully listen to you. We aim to develop an in depth understanding of your plans and objectives so that we can create tailored strategies.

Tax and legal

As tax lawyers, we provide a range of tax services, including:

  • Advising on the structuring of businesses in light of their tax implications;
  • Developing and implementing comprehensive trust and estate plans;
  • Managing the tax consequences of cross-border transactions;
  • Implementing tax efficiencies and lowering effective tax rates;
  • Interpreting and providing opinions on technical tax provisions;
  • Ensuring tax compliance, tax accounting, performing due diligences;
  • Managing relationships with tax authorities, obtaining tax rulings, assisting with tax audits or international exchange of information procedures, tax litigation and arbitration.

We work closely with lawyers and accountants, investment advisers, financial planners and bank representatives, in developing and implementing a comprehensive tax advice. We have a thorough knowledge of the local and international tax rules and we take a hands-on, project-focused approach in establishing and protecting your rights.

Other services

We can provide you with comprehensive bookkeeping services to ensure the smooth operation of the financial aspects of your business. We are able to present the resulting financial information in management accounts using an understandable format, helping you better manage your business. We can arrange valuations and statutory audits.

Onshore and offshore company structures, trusts and foundations are often vital in business and family structures. We work with trustees and trust companies in many jurisdictions and can ensure that the right fiduciary and management team is introduced. Similarly, we can help with offshore and onshore banking, and with your asset management goals.